Multi Banner

This multi banner is a more cost effective alternative to Roll-up banners.

One stand can be adjusted to accommodate many different sizes. These banners are also printed on 480 gram per

square metre non curl PVC the same we use for pull out and hanging banners, to prevent the ends of the banner from curling over and to keep it from looking sloppy. Multi banners also known as X-frame banners only get seamed over on the top and bottom and gets one eylet on each corner where it is attached to the frame. Multi banners or X-frame banners is the most cost effective indoor dispaly unit available. An order for multi banners or X-frame banners takes 2-3 days to complete, but we can in case of an rush order do it in 1 day at an extra cost of 30% the normal price.

This banner display unit is for indoor use only. Because of the weight of the banner and the fact that it can be folded up very small, means that it can be transported very easily.

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