Corri Boards  

The term corri board comes from the word corrugated boards and is also known as correx or real-estate agent boards.

These boards are available in different widths, which vary between 2mm and 5mm, where the 3mm is the most popular.

Screen printing vs. Digital printing Corri boards - Screen printed

On the lower quantities we make use of the digital printing process and on the larger quantities (40 or more on A2 size) we use the screen printing process. The digital printing process has the advantage of the order being complete within 1 to 2 days and the full colour print is of higher quality compared to screen printing.  The price of digitally printed corri boards remains the same whether it’s printed in one colour or full colour.

The disadvantage of digital printings that it is more expensive, for example a 600 x 400mm board will cost R80 for each board excluding VAT regardless of the quantity ordered.

The Reason for screen printing being so expensive on the lower quantities prints and cheaper on the higher amount of prints, is

that for every individual colour a silkscreen and a positive has to be prepared.

Corri or Correx boards are weather resistant for approximately 1 year and there after they tend to look untidy. Corri are available in three colours, namely white, black and yellow. If you want any other colour for the background, this will then have to physically be screen printed on the corri board itself, and this will then be counted as another colour. Approximately 90% of the orders place with us for corri boards is on white and the reason for this is that its less expensive.

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