Hanging Banners

These banners are specifically designed to hang against walls or vertical flat surfaces and are very useful

when advertising or decorating especially because they do not take up a lot of space and are easy to transport. A neat aluminium extrusion is mounted at the top and bottom edges of the banner to ensure that the banner will hang firm. A thin cable is attached to both ends of the top extrusion.

It can also be used as a backdrop banner. This type of banner is mainly used indoors. A hanging banner can be printed up to a maximum length of 6m. The only negative thing about a long hanging banner is that it is difficult to transport, because of the length.

2 hanging banners can also be placed next to each other to create one big image. The space between the banners will be about 15mm

Hanging banners are mainly printed on non curl PVC material specially made for pull out banners and multi banners to prevent the edges from curling that makes it look sloppy, although it can also be printed on polyester material.

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