Chromodek Signs

Chromodek Signs

We at Redblock Digital can manufacture a large variety of indoor and outdoor display units, specific to our clients needs. Outdoor signs is mainly printed on vinyl stickers that is applied to a chromadek board and then laminated. Another option is to print on reinforced PVC banner material that is stretched over a 25mm or 50mm steel frame. This PVC banner material is less expensive than the chromadek boards and has a neater finish, but it fades after about a year, especially if exposed to direct sunlight.

We are proud to inform you that we have completed projects for some major government departments, South African breweries, large motor companies, pharmaceutical companies, as well as advertising and media houses, engineering companies, schools, sport clubs, etc.

Redblock Digital was established in 1993. We are based in Pretoria, this is where our main offices are and where we manufacture or print all our products. We have a branch in Fourways as well. Redblock Digital consists of graphic designers, manufacturers, installers and project managers of identity and signage solutions for the commercial, industrial and retail sectors.

The most common material that we use for outdoor signage is Chromadek (0.6mm metal board) as well as flexface (350 gram per square meter; PVC canvass that is stretched over a 25mm or 50mm square tubing frame).

We also specialize in Signs and Signage. The Signs can comprise from Road signs to basic advertising signs. Please feel free to contact us to discuss your Signage requirements.


  • General signage for indoor and outdoor use.
  • Any size available for the Signs.
  • Sign writing on most flat surfaces.
  • Full colour Signs on vinyl

There are mainly two types of material used for the manufacturing of outdoor signs, namely:

  • Chromadek Steel which is mounted on a square tube frame.
  • Reinforced PVC stretched (flexed) over a square tube frame

The popularity of the PVC option is growing fast, because it’s lighter and there are no seams, as in the case of chromadek boards. The welds on bigger signs are neat. The bigger signs, like the one erected next to our highways is manufactured of PVC and not chromadek board.

Lifespan of Signs

As a rule, the lifespan of the structure is longer than the digital print work itself. Digital printed signs usually start to fade after a period of +/-18 months, while a more durable vinyl will be acceptable for approximately 6 years.

Outdoor digital prints on chromadek will keep +/- 6months longer when laminated with a clear vinyl.


Outdoor signs in Pretoria and Johannesburg: +/- R200 per square meter.
Certain aspects that will influence the price on installation:

  • The size of the board
  • The height of the board above the ground
  • Where it will be installed, against a wall or on poles?
  • How far it is from Pretoria or Johannesburg

The structure of chromadek and flexface signs is guaranteed for 5 years. As for full colour digital printing on chromadek or flexface the printing will start to fade after 12 – 18 months.
Chromadek signs that were made with the highest quality cast vinyl will last up to 10 years. It is statistically proven that the average business in South Africa changes information such as its name, physical address, postal address and telephone numbers every 20 months, so it is not advised to consider the most expensive option.

We can proudly say that we manufactured chromadek and flexface signs since we existed with a total surface of approximately 52,000m² – that is a surface equal to 16 rugby fields!

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