Banner Printing


We manufacture any type of banners from the most standard banners with eyelets and seaming to the more complex Roll up or Pull up banners, A-frame banners, Banners Walls ect. These type of banners are normally printed on 480 gram per square meter reinforced PVC, this is a type of strengthened plastic material. The banners can also be printed on polyester flag fabric, this is a nylon material. The advantage of these banners and banner display units is that it is lightweight and easy and practical to transport.

There are no standard sizes for banners so banners can be printed in any size.

Banners are also know as black and white PVC. The black background blocks light coming from the background so the colours can display much more brighter on the front of the banner as apposed to where the banner is white on both sides.

Printing of reinforced PVC Banner

Open seams are also popular, to allow poles to be pushed through. The banners can be customised to suite your requirements. We can also supply 5mm ski rope to hang the banner from a structure at R1 per metre.

A backdrop banner can be manufactured with aluminium extension which can be attached to the top and underside of the banner which enables it to hang firmly. A cheaper replacement for these extensions is to use broom sticks or round steel tubing. In this instance an open hem can be made at the top and bottom which will enable the sticks to slide in. A backdrop banner usually has a hem with about 6 eyelets and is fastened with a rope especially when used outdoors.


Our banner wall and exhibition wall displays can also be used as a replacement for a backdrop banner.

A backdrop banner is basically of ordinary PVC material or printed on polyester flag material. We can also print on a mesh material which has 50% surface of small openings of approximately 1mm x 1mm. The disadvantage of these banners is that the print is likely to have a dull appearance. The advantage is that these banners enable air to circulate. It is especially popular with building wraps.

The complete exhibition banner wall display system

  • Banners are ideal for billboards, building wraps, scaffolding wraps, stage backdrops, indoor concerts and exhibition halls.
  • Our Exterior Grade PVC, on our banners is easy to handle yet ultra-strong and designed to withstand the harshest weather conditions.
  • Careful attention to our PVC banner finishing ensures that seams, straps and eyelets are reinforced to the
  • We have no constraints on size or quantity of our banners.
  • Graphic Design Service available for our banners.


You can expect years of reliable service from our Pop-Up Exhibition Display Systems for a modest investment. The complete Banner Wall Display system comprises of pop-up stand, full colour hard wearing graphic panels and a neat carry bag, and what’s more with replacement graphics, changing your message is affordable too!

The Banner Wall Displays system comprises of a frame, hard-wearing graphics (6 panels), hangers, kickers and bag. The Banner Wall Display Fits easily into the boot of any car!

  • Graphics panel printed using 720dpi inkjet print technology for true photographic quality.
  • Graphic Design Service available working from your sketches or ideas for the Banner Wall Displays.
  • Rapid delivery.
  • The Exhibition Banner Wall Displays are also available in curved profile and other sizes such as 4 x 3 and 2 x 3.
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